Sunday, September 4, 2011


Once we had enough of the falls, we decided to go on a field trip to Toronto.  None of us had ever been so we figured we would check it out.  Toronto is home to the CN tower, one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.  At 1,815 feet tall, it is the tallest tower in the world. 

Before exploring the tower, we went on a walk through the city.  We were cracking up at the DANGER signs.  Fill in the blank style.

John and Adam in front of the Hockey Hall of Fame

Since Adam is a goalie we thought it would be cute for him to stand in front of this statue, much like he does in real games.  As you can tell, he was thrilled.

John was a good sport though

We had lunch at a French cafe on the corner of King and John

After waiting for a LONG time we finally made it to the top of the CN tower.  View of the stadium from one of the observation decks.  I'm sure it is really cool when the roof is open.  

It was super cloudy so it was hard to get any good pictures

These people are doing the edge walk.  They are attached overhead and are encouraged to stand on the edge and lean back.  You can see on of the people trying it out. 

Glass floor - I was kind of scared to stand on it

Just as the lights came on John and Adam were outside taking pictures.  He looks super scary!

They lights must have been changing because John was only a little pink

Looking up to where we had just been

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