Saturday, April 30, 2011

Gold Party - Happy Birthday Rachel!

 John threw a gold themed birthday party in honor of my Golden Birthday.  These GIANT gold balloons were my favorite part of the entire party.  We also had gold swirly things hanging from the ceiling, a gold star of the front door, gold plates/napkins/silverware, gold (yellow) flowers and served gold food and drinks - goldfish, gold cupcakes, peeps, John's amazing hot wings, and champagne mixed with elderflower liqueur

Me and Jessica

 My Fabulous Friends

I found a gold princess crown at the party store, so I had to have it.  I sprayed my hair and body with glitter.  I think birthdays are the only time you can get away with glitter past the age of 7.  I also painted my nails with gold glitter nail polish, although I believe you are never too old for glitter nail polish.

My amazing shoes - bought at JCP (who knew?)

 The fabulous Mr. and Mrs. Benold!

Angela and Jon

Aubrey and Amie (and John trying to photo bomb)

The J boys - Jon, John and Jordan


Me and Amie

The beautiful mama to be

This is where my mood when downhill.  I think my face says it all.  Notice John making cotton candy and NOT measuring, even though I told him several times to make sure to measure.  There was cotton candy sugar all over the entire kitchen.

 At least he cleaned it up

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rachel's Family Comes to Town

My family, minus my youngest brother, plus my sister's bestie, came to visit for Easter.  The weekend involved many wedding planning activities, an unfortunate situation for my brother Alex.  The first activity was trying on wedding dresses.  Doesn't Alex look thrilled? 

Luckily, the bridal salon is on John's way home from work so he was able to pick Alex up before his misery rubbed off on the rest of us.  John and Alex had some "future brother-in-law" bonding time while I finished up my appointment. 

Next on the agenda was John's softball game.  The team was short a player so Alex was able to sub.  It was a lot of fun watching them both play. 

Home Run!

Alex's Turn

After the big win

The next morning was spent wedding planning.  My family met our planner and saw the venue for the first time.  Alex was a trooper, so he got ice cream after.  I guess kids are never too old for a bribe.  

After another wedding appointment, we headed to the Forth Worth Stockyards.  Everytime my family is in town we have all you can eat ribs at Risky's.  There must have been a special sauce that night (or maybe it was the beer), because we got very silly after dinner...

Next up was Luke Bryan at Billy Bob's.  Leah and Lisa are big fans and had a blast. 

My Mom and John

The next morning I had my final wedding dress appointment at Priscilla of Boston.  I was determined to find a dress when my mom and sister were in town, so this was my last chance.  I lost track of how many dresses I tried on over a seven month period, but I am pretty sure I tried on all the dresses on the planet.  This was my fourth time to try on dresses at Priscilla of Boston and I had a few favorites picked out so I was hopeful I was going to find something.  I started with this dress, a style I fell in love with when I saw it in the window of the bridal shop 6 months prior.  I tried it on several times since being engaged and LOVED it, but it was more than I wanted to spend.  While I was admiring myself in the mirror, trying to talk myself out of the dress, the sales girl came running out because she realized they had the dress in stock and could sell it to me for a discount.  They said the dress was ordered for someone else and was the incorrect color for her, but exactly how I would have ordered it.  They pulled the dress out of the back and I crossed my fingers that it was going to fit.  The dress fit like a glove, but it was slightly too short for my usual 4" heels.  After discussing with my mom, I decided it was probably better for me to wear a shorter heel height so I could be comfortable all night long.  Just to be safe I tried on a few more dresses, but said YES to the original dress I had been obsessing over for months.  Since it was in stock I did not have to wait the usual seven months and was able to bring the dress home with me that day.  The best part of the day was right after I made my dress decision.  My dad passes away when I was 16 so I was planning to ask my mom to walk me down the aisle, I just wanted to find the perfect moment.  The perfect moment came while I was standing in the bridal salon, in my dress.  There were many tears, but my mom was thrilled I asked her.  My mom is an amazing woman and I am honored to have her walk me down the aisle. 

Unfortunately, John read this blog so I cannot post pictures of me playing dress up in my dress.  You will just have to wait until the big day:)

My mom, sister, and I on Easter

The Family on Easter