Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Linking up with Jamie today and loving a lot of Random things. 

I'm loving that I work for JCPenney.  Today the new company strategy was announced to media, investors, and the supplier community.  The broadcast was shown live at the home office at 7:55 this morning.  I have never seen so much traffic around the building before 8am, and I had to park in the back corner of the parking garage...did I mention it was before 8am?  I can pretty much guarantee I am never at my desk before 8.  8:01, yes; 7:59, NO!  I do not think it is appropriate for me to blog about my company, so you can watch an interview with our new CEO here.  I will say I am very excited for the new logo, reminiscent of the American flag, and I am super excited that Ellen is our new spokeslady.

I'm loving yoga!  My New Years resolution was to go to yoga 5 times/week from January 1 to April 7 (aka the wedding day).  I made myself a calendar that I put on the fridge to track my progress and I get a sticker for each class.  I realize I am not 5, but I love seeing how great I am doing.  I am in the 4th week and I have stuck to my goal 100%.  I also love that I am able to bring a guest for free each time.  It helps me justify paying so much for my membership.  If you ever want to go with me, just ask:)

I'm loving my new Kindle Fire I got for Christmas and I am especially loving my new sleeve I bought on Etsy.  I have a slight obsession with chevron.

I'm loving that I found Essie Smokin' Hot at Target.  I was convinced that it was discontinued after I found it on pinterest.   I was either wrong, or they brought it back.  Either way, I am one happy lady.

I'm loving my Etsy shop.  Since the wedding is only 73 days away, I have not had a ton of time to dream up new creations, but I love the pieces I have been making.  My favorites have been: sashes for a wedding party, a flower girl sash, a maternity sash for a photo shoot, a newborn headband for a photo shoot, and a red, white and blue headband for a little girl to wear when her dad comes home from Afghanistan.  I have also sold a lot of dog collars and poo bag holders.  Who said picking up poo couldn't be cute?  You can visit my shop here, but there are really not a lot of new pieces.  My shop will get a complete overhaul in May - new creations, new photos, and hopefully a lot of new customers.