Saturday, September 4, 2010

Montana - Day 2 - Our Engagement

The beginning to a perfect day...
Moments before John proposed.  If you look close enough you can see the ring box in his pocket
We're Engaged!!!
The Bling
The view from where John proposed
Sun Point - The most beautiful place in the world
Leaving the park as an engaged couple
The day in the park was followed by an amazing dinner at Cafe Kandahar.  We were so exhausted after our exciting day that none of the pictures turned out.  We looked like we were about to fall asleep on the table.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Montana - Day 1

Today we spent the day and evening at the lake...

Adorable Kitchen
Getting ready to take the boat out

Beautiful View
1, 2, 3 JUMP
I hate this picture, but I think my face shows exactly how COLD the water was
Amazing Sunset

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Puerto Rico - Mike & Elizbeth's Wedding

Mike & Elizabeth were married on the beach at Sun Bay on Vieques island

The beautiful bride walking down the aisle with her dad

This is my favorite picture from the wedding

Me and John

Me and Amie

Party Time!  The reception was held at Next Course restaurant

The happy couple.  I wish this picture was not so blurry

I'm not sure what is happening in the picture.  Are John & Ryan trying to photo bomb?

Bouquet toss

Not only did I catch the bouquet, but John caught the garter.  Are we next?

 The happy couple leaving the reception

Breakfast crashers!  The morning after the wedding Ryan, Amie, John and I decided to check out the new W Hotel on the island for breakfast.  Minutes after we sat down, Mike & Elizabeth walked into the restaurant.  We tried to hide behind our menus and napkins, but they spotted us and joined for breakfast.  We figured they wanted some alone time the morning after the wedding, but they were thrilled to spend a little more time with us before we all left the island. 

Friday, June 11, 2010

Puerto Rico - Vieques

The next stop on our Puerto Rico adventure was to Vieques, a small island about 8 miles off of the Puerto Rican mainland.  We stayed at 2 different hotels on the island.  The first was Hectors by the SeaAs we drove up we were greeted at our Jeep by horses who are allowed to roam the property.  Next we met Mary, Hector's wife, who showed us to our casita and immediately invited us for a drink at the pavilion.  There was another couple, visiting from Minnesota, also at the pavilion.  We enjoyed a few drinks in the sea breeze with great company.   

 Our Casita.  There was a hammock on the patio where we relaxed and enjoyed the beauty surrounding us

The view from our casita.  We slept with the windows open and could hear the waves and horses while we laid in bed.

Horses right outside our casita

 Inside our casita.  Excuse the mess, this was taken right before we checked out.

The pavilion where we enjoyed drinks with Mary and Hector

One of our favorite things about Vieques was the beaches.  There were practically more beaches than people so it was possible to enjoy a beach secluded from any other people.

Relaxing on the beach

We did have one visitor on our private beach

The next day our good friends Ryan and Amie arrived on the island and we attended a party on the beach, hosted by Mike and Elizabeth, for all of their wedding guests

 Elizabeth's parents enjoying the water

Me and John - I'm not sure what is so funny

Still laughing, must have been really funny

 Sun Bay

 Amie with me and my lobster legs

 Amie doing back flips on the beach

 Dead Face

 Good Friends - Amie, Ryan, Mike, Elizabeth, Me and John

 Mike and Elizabeth's wonderful friends and family

 Ryan and John decided they wanted to knock a coconut out of the throwing another coconut at it

 Ryan looks like he is flying

 Move out of the way boys, let the girls try

 Someone please cut me off

 John and Ryan doing a puzzle???  Apparently that is what you do on a tropical island

Navio Beach - This was our favorite beach because of the awesome waves

There was nobody on the beach until right before we left

Another little friend

John trying to stay out of the wearing a pink floppy hat

Ryan found a little fort on the beach

John had to give it a try as well

John and Ryan were not about to give up on their mission to get a coconut out of the tree.  One of the locals offered a giant stick to help.


Another amazing adventure was the bioluminescent bay.  Mike and Elizabeth arranged for all their friends and family to visit the bio bay one evening.  The bio bay is filled with tiny micro-organisms that glow when they are disturbed.  It is impossible to take pictures so I had to find some on the internet to share.  Apparently these pictures were photo-shopped to capture the glow.  

 This picture is kind of creepy.  They glow was more sparkly than these photos.  We were given the opportunity to jump out of the kayak and swim.  At the time we were totally comfortable, but looking back, it seems a little scary to jump into a dark, glowing bay.