Sunday, June 12, 2011

Officially a Texan

I have lived in Texas for almost 9 years so I have been considering taking the plunge and buying a pair of cowgirl boots.  We go to quite a few concerts at Billy Bob's in the Fort Worth Stockyards and I would probably fit in with the crowd better in boots rather than my usual heels or wedges.  There is also less risk of falling on the cobblestone streets in boots.  When Sophia, my high school bestie, was in town we decided to do a little boot shopping.  We found an adorable western store at Northpark Mall and I fell in love with a beautiful pair of embroidered boots.  I sent a picture to John and asked if I could buy them - he said no:(  Even though I did not bring home the boots that day, I still obsessed over them for weeks.  I came up with a whole list of events and activities that could involve the boots.  Tonight, when I got home from work, John handed me a bag with the boots inside!  He had to do some investigative work to find out the mall, store, brand, size, etc, but he managed to keep it a complete surprise.  I love unexpected surprises.  I am not a fan of flowers on our anniversary or chocolates on Valentine's Day.  I love when people show their love and appreciation when you least expect it, and that is exactly what John did today.  I cannot wait to wear my boots.  I think I am officially a Texan!