Friday, December 28, 2012

Vitamix Strawberry Soy Sherbet

John and I got a Vitamix for Christmas!  We took it out of the box yesterday and have already used it 5 times!  It is quite possibly the best gift I have ever received.  It is seriously life changing!  Not only does it make awesome smoothies and desserts, but it makes HOT soup in minutes with very little prep (we've already made two different soup recipes).  I cannot wait to experiment and try new recipes.  Tonight for dessert I adapted this recipe based on what we had on hand and made Strawberry Soy Sherbet.  It was definitely a winner so I wanted to document it before I forgot.  Since we ate it all I have no photos, but I am sure I will be making this recipe again soon and I will add photos at that time.

1 Cup Vanilla Soy Milk
1 Pound Frozen Strawberries
1/3 Cup Sugar
1/2 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract

 Place all ingredients in the container in the order listed above and secure the lid.
Turn machine on starting at variable 1, working your way up to variable 10.
Use the tamper to push ingredients toward the blade.
After 30-60 seconds the machine will make a chugging sound - this means it is done.
Serve immediately.  Enjoy!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Home Tour: Holiday Edition

Decorating for Christmas is one of my favorite things!  I love how warm and cozy the house feels with festive decor.

Stockings from Pottery Barn - TIP: If you see stocking you like from PB, don't wait!  I procrastinated so the ones I really wanted were on backorder until June!  Crazy!  These were my second choice and I got a pretty good deal so I cannot complain.

Mercury Glass Candlesticks from JCP.  Candle from Pottery Barn.

Ralphie bobble head and Nutcracker hiding out in the garland

My favorite new ornaments for 2012
I really wanted this ornament last year, but it would sell out as soon as more were available.  The minute I saw it available this year I made sure get my hands on one.  John was concerned with my sanity since it was October!

Instead of an "Our First Christmas" ornament I opted for our monogram

K Ornament from Pottery Barn - I may have gone a little crazy decorating with K's!

DIY glitter projects.  Deer inspired by this post (when I say inspired, what I really mean is straight up copied).  This project was super easy and I already had everything I needed to make it!  I love when I don't have to spend money on projects!

Dining Room - This was our first Christmas with dining room furniture so I was super excited to decorate!

Excuse my Instagram photo.  Naughty and Nice Napkins purchased from Hobby Lobby.

Cheap and Easy Decor - This glass hurricane is left over from the candy bar from our wedding.  It is the perfect size to fill with seasonal goodies and has now found a permanent home on our table. 

Squirrel and Acorn Salt & Pepper Shakers - Technically these are from Thanksgiving, but I decided it fit into the "woodland creatures" category and could live through Christmas.

Elf Quote purchased from this shop on Etsy.  Elf is my absolute favorite Christmas movie!  My mom is taking me, my sister, and John to see the musical for Christmas.  I am super excited!

Another Instagram photo, sorry!  I love these Christmas mustaches I added to my Etsy shop.  I put a few in a mason jar and left them out on the kitchen counter.

Entry Way - Oops, I started my home tour backwards!
Advent calendar that we have never used.  Maybe when we have kids I will actually use it.

Terrible photo, but I am in love with this "Bah Hum Bug" pillow from Pottery Barn Teen

More instagram, grrrr.  I used my favorite Christmas song as inspiration for my chalkboard.

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting: Laundry Room Edition

John and I took advantage of Black Friday deals and FINALLY bought a new washer and dryer!  Our current set is crap!  John bought it while I was still in college and it has moved 4 times since he purchased it.  It must think my clothes are tasty because it eats them all the time!  I'm pretty sure John was just sick of hearing me complain so he gave in.  Since a new washer and dryer means a laundry room makeover, Today's Oh, How Pinteresting is dedicated to my favorite laundry room pins.  You can see my board, Loads of Fun, here.

My dream laundry room would look something this.  Craft room and laundry room in one.  Genius!
laundry/craft room

My actual laundry room is much smaller, more like this.  I'm loving the color!  I wonder if I could convince John to hang a chandelier?  Doubtful!
laundry room

I wish we had room for a utility sink.  This is probably not very practical, but super cute!
laundry room sink laundry
This is such a cute way to hang an ironing board.  Looks pretty easy to make too.
doing this in my laundry room!  use 2 coat hooks to hang an ironing board

I also want to try to make a drying rack.  This is so much cuter and anything you can buy in a store.
DIY Drying Rack for the laundry room

I definitely want cabinets installed for storage.  We currently have an old bookshelf taking up space and not hiding anything.
Laundry Rooms

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Wine, Cheese, and Chihuly Nights

Last night John and I went on a date night to see the Chihuly exhibit at the Dallas Arboretum.  They offer concerts on Thursday nights so we packed some wine, cheese and bread (my favorite dinner) and enjoyed the music while relaxing with our picnic. 

We arrived early enough to see Cenderella's Pumpkin Village before it was dark.  It was so amazing!  There are more than 50,000 pumpkins that fill the space.

It was so awesome being there in the evening without strollers and kids!

Cinderella's Carriage

Chihuly during the day

All lit up at night
Green and Red Citron Tower

The purple was my favorite (Rah Rah TCU)

Dallas Star

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting

I've taken a bit of a blog break over the past few months.  Between wedding hangover and summer travel I have not blogged AT ALL.  Never fear, I will make sure to update you on what has been going on in our lives.  But first, I bring you Oh, How Pinteresting

 My friend Jessica found out she is expecting a little girl in March so I jumped the gun and already started planning her shower.  Since she reads my blog from time to time I can't post my favorite pins, however I can show you this one.  I pinned it over the weekend and yesterday Jessica texted me this exact pin!  I think I am headed in the right direction!  You can find the rest of my baby shower pins here (I made Jessica unfollow this board before I pinned anything so my ideas are safe).

I am working on organizing and redecorating my craft room/office/guest room.  I love the girly look of the next 2 pins, but I'm afraid it would look like a hot mess with all of my craft/etsy suppliers added.

Love this space...especially the color!

My room probably needs to look something like this...

To totally change subjects, I made this bread for a potluck at work last week.  It was super delicious and a big hit. 
Cinnamon Pull apart bread

Since I am totally random today, why not share some Halloween pins?  I am going to try out these DIY pumpkins this weekend.
PB mercury glass pumpkins, DIY knockoff

Or maybe I want to try some of these...

Or maybe I need a pink and gold glitter chevron pumpkin!  This pumpkin incorporates so many of my favorite things.

Is it too early to start decorating for Halloween?  This is so adorable!
Halloween Mantle

And finally, I leave you with this pin.  Because I think it's cute:)
haha!!  So cute

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July

 Happy 4th of July!

Linking up with Jamie to share my 4th of July loves!

 One of the best purchases I have ever made was this chalkboard for our foyer.  I love changing it for holidays, birthdays, etc.  I originally purchased it for our wedding, but it became a permanent fixture in our house so we totally forgot about it for the wedding.

Celebrating the 4th in my lobster flops

How adorable is this quilt and pillow?!?!  It was a wedding gift from John's aunt and we were super excited to break it out for the 4th of July.

John is the best hubby in the world and filled my ghetto pool yesterday so it would be warm today.  I plan to spend a good portion of the day with a glass of wine and a book in the pool.

I made this adorable 4th of July headband for my Etsy Shop, but never listed it.  I am so bad at that!  I guess I am ready for 2013.

Technically this sash is not Red, White, and Blue, but close enough.  I LOVE this sash that I created for a bride-to-be.  I loved it so much that decided to add it to my shop.
Rolled Rosette Sash for Bride, Bridesmaids, Flower Girls, or Maternity Shoots in Red, Tiffany Blue, and Ivory

I love this butterfly fascinator from Belle de Benoir.  I wish I could wear it tonight to fireworks.
Patriotic Red White and Blue Butterfly Fascinator

Have a safe 4th of July!!!