Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting: Laundry Room Edition

John and I took advantage of Black Friday deals and FINALLY bought a new washer and dryer!  Our current set is crap!  John bought it while I was still in college and it has moved 4 times since he purchased it.  It must think my clothes are tasty because it eats them all the time!  I'm pretty sure John was just sick of hearing me complain so he gave in.  Since a new washer and dryer means a laundry room makeover, Today's Oh, How Pinteresting is dedicated to my favorite laundry room pins.  You can see my board, Loads of Fun, here.

My dream laundry room would look something this.  Craft room and laundry room in one.  Genius!
laundry/craft room

My actual laundry room is much smaller, more like this.  I'm loving the color!  I wonder if I could convince John to hang a chandelier?  Doubtful!
laundry room

I wish we had room for a utility sink.  This is probably not very practical, but super cute!
laundry room sink laundry
This is such a cute way to hang an ironing board.  Looks pretty easy to make too.
doing this in my laundry room!  use 2 coat hooks to hang an ironing board

I also want to try to make a drying rack.  This is so much cuter and anything you can buy in a store.
DIY Drying Rack for the laundry room

I definitely want cabinets installed for storage.  We currently have an old bookshelf taking up space and not hiding anything.
Laundry Rooms

Happy Wednesday everyone!