Monday, February 2, 2015

Gender-Predicting Old Wives' Tales

We are pretty confident that this baby is a girl, especially since I ask the doctor to check during almost every sonogram.  I still thought it would be fun to look at all the old wives tales regarding gender, so here goes...

  • If you carry high, it's a BOY; if you carry low, it's a GIRL - I think I have been carrying low this entire time, so this one is WRONG
  • If baby's heartbeat is under 140, it's a BOY; heartbeat over 140, it's a GIRL - Baby's heartbeat was almost always over 140, so this one is RIGHT
  • If you crave salt and sour, it's a BOY; if you crave sweet, it's a GIRL - I craved both sweet and sour, so this one is no help at all
  • If you suffer from morning sickness you're having a GIRL - Considering I had hyperemesis and couldn't get out of bed for 2 months, I'd say this one is spot on!
  • If you sleep on your left side, it's a BOY; if you sleep on your right side, it's a GIRL - They tell you to sleep on your left side while pregnant, so this is what I tried to do.  Usually I ended up sleeping on my back or stomach (bad, I know) so I don't think this one works for me either.  
  • If you are clumsy, it's a BOY; if you are graceful, it's a GIRL - I run into walls, make noises when I get off the couch or floor, and drop things all the time (today I kept dropping things in to the trash while I was working, UGH).  This one is wrong, but I would like to know what pregnant woman is more graceful.  
  • If your partner pack on the sympathy pounds you're having a GIRL - John definitely did not gain any weight, so this one is WRONG 
  • Finally, according to the Chinese Gender Predictor we are having a GIRL...I think.  I am not really sure exactly what month she was conceived because it was on the cusp of 2 months, so according to my best guess (and math) it's a GIRL 
According to the Old Wives' Tales, we're having a half boy, half girl baby!