Thursday, December 8, 2011

NYC - Part 1

 On Tuesday, I arrived in New York for a market trip for work.  Typically, work trips are mostly work and a little fun, but I think I have had a pretty good balance this time.  The first day we shopped Soho.  Shopping is probably one of my favorite parts of my job, and I love it even more now that I am in junior's apparel.  Shopping in men's was also fun, especially when I traveled to LA, but I really enjoy knowing women's trends more than men's.  Anyhoo, my boss and I spent the afternoon shopping Soho, walking our floor at JCP and then team dinner.  The weather was super warm (and rainy - gross)!  Dallas was freezing when we left and our plane was delayed because they had to de-ice.  I took a screen shot of my phone to send to John because I did not think he would believe me that it was 61 degrees.

Our first day in market was LONG.  We were in appointments for 11 hours, none of them were in the same building, we were off schedule the entire time, and it rained all day.  My Hunter wellies definitely paid off!  Today was way better.  We had less appointments and finished much earlier, giving us time to enjoy the city.  This is my first time to experience the city at Christmas so we headed to Macy's:)  The store was so pretty, and the windows were even more beautiful, but the craziness of holiday shoppers stressed me out.  Our next stop was dinner at Pronto Pizza and then shopping at Sabon.  Since it was still pretty early we decided to walk around Bryant Park.  The tree was beautiful!
There were a ton of cute booths so I did a little shopping.  I found this little ornament for Ashley.  When we lived together we started the tradition of buying Christmas ornaments for each other, just like our moms did.  I am so excited to give it to her later this weekend.

We found this fun sign to hang in our sample room at the office.  Our team has an obsession with coffee!

I really wanted a giant chocolate chip cookie and hot chocolate.  The first hot chocolate booth we found was closed and when we asked another vendor if she knew if there was another she suggested we go to Starbucks.  NO!!!  We walked by several Starbucks on our way to Bryant Park because we wanted something more special.  Imagine my excitement when we found a booth that sold both hot chocolate and giant chocolate chip cookies!
 The hot chocolate was so thick that we had to add water, which made no difference so we threw it away and went to the Hot Apple Cider booth.  It was so yummy and just what we needed.

We shopped a little more and then headed back to the hotel.  I was back in my room at 8:45 so I decided to have a mini spa night with the products I bought at Sabon.  Tonight was one of my favorite nights at market ever!  I have a few more appointments tomorrow and then I get to spend the rest of the weekend with Ashley.  I am SO excited!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wedding Information

Hello Friends & Family!  For Wedding Information click on the tab above.  We will continually update this page as the wedding gets closer.