Saturday, April 30, 2011

Gold Party - Happy Birthday Rachel!

 John threw a gold themed birthday party in honor of my Golden Birthday.  These GIANT gold balloons were my favorite part of the entire party.  We also had gold swirly things hanging from the ceiling, a gold star of the front door, gold plates/napkins/silverware, gold (yellow) flowers and served gold food and drinks - goldfish, gold cupcakes, peeps, John's amazing hot wings, and champagne mixed with elderflower liqueur

Me and Jessica

 My Fabulous Friends

I found a gold princess crown at the party store, so I had to have it.  I sprayed my hair and body with glitter.  I think birthdays are the only time you can get away with glitter past the age of 7.  I also painted my nails with gold glitter nail polish, although I believe you are never too old for glitter nail polish.

My amazing shoes - bought at JCP (who knew?)

 The fabulous Mr. and Mrs. Benold!

Angela and Jon

Aubrey and Amie (and John trying to photo bomb)

The J boys - Jon, John and Jordan


Me and Amie

The beautiful mama to be

This is where my mood when downhill.  I think my face says it all.  Notice John making cotton candy and NOT measuring, even though I told him several times to make sure to measure.  There was cotton candy sugar all over the entire kitchen.

 At least he cleaned it up

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