Saturday, May 7, 2011

Our Many TV's

When we were building our house we added an outlet and a cable jack to the outside patio so we could enjoy watching TV outside.  Since a TV outside is not a necessity we never purchased one, so I finally bought one for John's birthday...4 months ago.  Today, John finally got around to installing it.   

 After the new TV was installed I began to think about all the TV's we have in our house for two people (who don't watch a ton on TV).  

We have a 46" TV in the living room

 30-something" TV in our bedroom.  I am not the biggest fan of the TV in the bedroom, but I enjoy having the TV on when I am putting laundry away or when I can't sleep

 22" TV in the master bathroom.  This is my favorite TV in the house because I enjoy listening to the news while I get ready in the morning.  This was another special request we had for the builder when our house was under construction.

19" TV in the office - please excuse the mess

 The final TV is in the "media room."  Our plan was to buy a giant TV, but since we have more TV's than two people need we decided to stick with the old, ugly, tube TV.  I hate this TV almost as much as I hate the TV stand it is sitting on and cannot wait to haul it away one day
TV overload in our house?  I think so!

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