Thursday, September 1, 2011

Priscilla of Boston

Today, I was sad to learn Priscilla of Boston is closing.  In 7 months (and 6 days, but who is counting) I will be wearing a beautiful Priscilla gown for my own wedding.  If you recall from this post, I got extremely lucky with my dress when the salon had it in stock because it came in in the incorrect color for another bride.  Not only did it me fit like a glove, but I was able to take it home with me that day.  The day I bought my dress I knew it was meant to be (cheesy, i know), but today I realize I was even more lucky.  If I had ordered a dress that day it would still be on order.  They say they will fulfill all orders, but I cannot imagine the stress I would be under right now if I did not have my dress hanging at my house. 

For a little history lesson, Priscilla of Boston started in 1945.  In 1956 she designed Grace Kelly's wedding dress.  Since then, she had dressed countless fabulous brides.  In 2003, at the age of 86, Priscilla passed away.

The news of the close was shocking to me, but I am thankful to be one of the last Priscilla brides. 

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  1. SOOOO glad you already have your BEAutiful dress! Can't believe they are closing :(