Sunday, September 4, 2011

Niagara Falls

Last month, John and I met my family in Niagara Falls for family vacation.  My family went on a trip to the falls the summer before my dad passed away in 2000.  This was the last vacation we all went on together so it fun to reminisce, but sad at the same time.  Last time, we drove the RV across the country with the entire family.  Adam was only 2 so it was quite an adventure.  We were all singing Veggie Tales by the end of the trip, even my dad.  This time we stayed in a beautiful suite overlooking the falls.   

View from our room.  I wish there was not a giant hotel in the middle of the view, but I cannot complain. 

View of Horseshoe Falls from our room

View of the American Falls from our room

Right before we were completely drenched from the mist on the sidewalk

Our first adventure was Journey Behind the Falls

Finally!  A poncho!  About to journey behind the falls.

This is pretty much what you see behind the falls.  Not super exciting, but you could definitely feel the force of the falls.

I was a little disappointed until.....

...we stepped out onto a deck right next to the falls.  I could have stood there all day!


I pretty much gave up on the poncho.  It was not worth the trouble and I was already wet. 

We did not go on Maid of the Mist this time.  We went last time we were there and I remember it being super crowded and really misty (duh).

One last look before it was time to go.  Like I said, I could have stoop there all day.


John and I enjoyed going to the falls late at night.  There was never anyone there and it was so peaceful.

I was nervous our camera was going to be a daredevil and try to go over the falls

This is my favorite place to stand.  Amazing!

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