Monday, February 20, 2012

She Said Yes! My Bridal Shower

I spent the weekend in Minnesota for my bridal shower, hosted by my sister, my mom and my aunts.

Personalized water bottles

The signature drink was wild hibiscus flowers in champagne.  My sister came up with this delicious and BEAUTIFUL drink.

I'm so excited for my drink

Delicious chocolate made by my mom were the party favors

The cake was from Wuollet Bakery and was probably the best cake I have ever had!

My aunt Kathy donated a bottle of her homemade Happy Camper wine as a prize for one of the games.  I am not crazy about games at showers, but I think my sister did a great job with them.  The first one was called "What Was She Wearing?"  The shower was held in the party room at my sister's apartment downtown Minneapolis.  My mom and I at the apartment entrance as guests arrived so we could guide them in the right direction.  Once upstairs, they had to write down what I was wearing.  Whoever remembered the most was the winner. 

What was I wearing, you ask?
Butterfly Fascinator - Belle de Benoir
Dress - Donna Morgan from Nordstrom
Blazer - H&M
Blingy Bracelet and Bow Earrings - Sam Moon (SHHHHH)

The other game was Guess the Year.  Considering John and I have been together for almost 12 years, this was really hard.  I think the winner only guessed about 4 correct out of 20!

The smallest guests were my cousin's triplets

I want one....maybe after the wedding

The night before the shower my Aunt Kathy gave me my brooch bouquet she has been working on for more than a year.  I decided to show it off since most of the shower guests are unable to come to the wedding.

My fabulous mom!

Leah said a few words that brought me to tears.  Thank you Leah for planning such a beautiful shower (while in Law School I might add)!

Grandma Czaja

 Realizing I am the new owner of the dreaded Globe!

The UGLY globe was a wedding gift my Aunt Kathy received in the 80's.  You think it's ugly now?  Apparently this was ugly back then too.  For more than 20 years the globe had been passed around the family for milestone birthdays and events.  Thanks Grandma for giving it to me:(  At least she filled it with candy.  Now it is my job to plan revenge!

Leah showing off the gifts as she writes down who gave what.  Remind me to NEVER let her be the scribe again.  She decided to draw pictures for some of the gifts instead of just writing them down.

I'd say I did pretty well!  How is all of this going to get to Texas?

My sister and mom

My and my aunts

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