Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ashley & Ryan's Engagment Party

This weekend we celebrated Ashley & Ryan's engagement.  Ashley was my college roommate, and now lives in New York.  She and Ryan will say "i do" in March.  Apparently I did not get any photos of the happy couple together (...or John, I swear he was there).  

RAJ (Rachel, Ashley, Jessica; a.k.a neapolitan ice cream) - The three of us were Fashion Merchandising majors at TCU and met in our Clothing Construction class.  We are all still great friends.

Jessica & Jordan

 The cake was adorable!

After we ate the cake, it was time to play dress-up with the pieces.  Ashley looks like Kim Kardashian on her wedding day. 

I guess I did get some pictures of the happy couple.  Ryan reenacted the proposal with the fondant ring. 

 I don't have words, this is what I love about them!

Jordan's turn to play

Freshening up with the fondant lipstick

Jessica's turn

Time to eat the accessories!

...until 10 minutes later when everyone had a tummy ache.

Congratulations Ryan & Ashley!  I cannot wait to celebrate your wedding in March.


  1. Awww, thanks for posting this, Rach! I'm so happy you and Johnny were able to come to the party. I can't wait to see you so many times in the near future, especially at BOTH of our weddings! muah!

  2. Hehehe this is great! I love playing dress up with fondant. Can't wait for both of your weddings....yippeee!