Sunday, October 9, 2011

Engagement Photos

After being engaged for 13 months, John and I FINALLY took our engagement photos.  Our photographer, Amy, lives in the same neighborhood so we thought it would be fun to take a few shots in front of the Castle Hills sign.  Our next stop was our house.  John forgot a pair of shoes so we decided to take some shots, since we were already there.  Next, it was time to start our journey around the metroplex.  We started at SMU, where we took photos on the boulevard, at the business school, and inside and in front of Dallas Hall.  John wore a red SMU tee and I wore a white and purple TCU tee.

When we finished at SMU, we headed to the Stock Yards in Fort Worth.  I changed into my new cowgirl boots and a green dress.  John wore a white button down shirt, jeans, and boots.  The Stockyards were really busy, but Amy knew all the best places so we found areas with no people.  While we were there, the sky started to look pretty scary so we decided to rush to TCU to get our final shots before the rain.

In the car, I changed into a black dress, black pumps, and my grandma's pearls.  John stayed in his jeans and added a black jacket.  We took a few formal photos at the fountain before JUMPING IN!  Last time I jumped in Frog Fountain I was in high school.  We had a blast getting soaked in our formal clothes.  We finished our photos just as the rain came.  We were pretty sad that we did not get a beautiful sunset, but from the sneak peek we got, the photos turned out pretty awesome.  

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