Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Rachel

 Over the weekend we celebrated my 28th birthday.  Since my birthday was three weeks after our wedding we decided to keep it a pretty low key weekend.  We usually throw a big party with a fun theme (last year was a gold party for my golden birthday and the year before was a Kentucky Derby party with a hat contest) but decided there have been enough parties in my/our honor this month. 

My day started out wonderful; John made me a smoothie for breakfast and left a sweet note in my car.  When I got to work, my team surprised me with breakfast.  It was very thoughtful, considering I have only worked with them for a week.  My friend Jessica took me to lunch at Taco Diner.  We thought we would be smart and sit on the patio and work on our tans.  BAD IDEA.  We were so hot and so sweaty within 5 minutes.  Oh well, we will be smarter next time.  My birthday present from Jessica was an adorable Kate Spade bracelet, a fun scarf, and a set of OPI nail polish.  She is such an amazing present picker-outer!

After working a very long day I went home to celebrate with Johnny.  He bought me my very own set of golf clubs.  I don't golf, but I like to go to the driving range and TopGolf.  I guess I need to learn how to play now that  I have fancy schmancy clubs.  After presents, John and I went to dinner at Brio.  We planned to see Hunger Games after dinner but I was way too tired after an exhausting week at work so we went home and hung out.

I called my mom and talked to her while I was opening her present.  So fun, why have I not done that before?  She bought me a bunch of fun things at Crate & Barrel to host Mexican night.  I can't wait!

On Saturday morning I was super excited to try out my new clubs at the driving range.  There is a crappy golf course near our house that I LOVE because there is never anyone at the driving range and it is cheap.  I really enjoyed having the driving range to ourselves because nobody was there to watch how bad I am.

The golf theme continued into Saturday night.  We met some friends at TopGolf.  Here is Jessica.  She turned into a pretty amazing TopGolfer by the end of the night.


Usually I am happy if I don't lose at TopGolf, but I won both games!  I beat everyone, including the boys...TWICE!  My new clubs are amazing!

Me and Angela

The Girls (the boys were all there, but apparently I was not into taking pictures of them)

On Sunday night I relaxed and enjoyed the last few moments of my birthday weekend with a glass bottle of prosecco.  Thank you Lesley and Angela for the delicious birthday present!  And how fun is that champagne flute?  We got them as a wedding gift and finally got a chance to use them.

Thank you to everyone who helped make my birthday extra special this year!

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